About Us

The mission of Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota is to maintain the identity of the Minnesota Vietnamese community while addressing the basic economic, educational, and health needs of refugees and immigrants statewide.

Leaders in the Vietnamese community founded Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota (VSS) in 1987 as a non-profit mutual assistance organization. VSS has since grown into a multi-service agency with programs in health education and promotion, youth development, elder services, English proficiency, and employment and job training. All of these programs work together to equip and empower individuals and families across the life span as they seek to become independent and fully functioning members of American society.

Although VSS was originally organized to address the needs of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants, the agency has since made the strategic decision to apply its experience and expertise in Vietnamese resettlement to meet the needs of newer refugee groups, such as the Karen from Burma and the Somali. VSS has in recent years initiated a number of projects targeting Karen and Somali refugees, and hired several social workers from those communities.

VSS is conveniently located on a main bus line at 277 University Avenue West in the Frogtown area of St. Paul. Frogtown and its surrounding neighborhoods are home to many refugees and immigrants residing in the East metropolitan area.